Daraz Product Hunting & Research Tool

Jarvis is first and leading product research tool for Daraz. Jarvis helps in product hunting, tracking, keyword research, profit calculation, product evaluation and ranking.

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Why Jarvis?

Products Hunting

Jarvis re-catalogs products from hundreds of data points. This product database helps in quickly check product summary and stats.

Product Tracking

Jarvis can track Daraz products over period of time to analyze their sales, reviews and other performance metrics.

Product Ranking

Jarvis helps you rank your products higher in search on Daraz with very less giveaways and bleeding cost

Keyword Research

Jarvis helps in finding the best keywords for Daraz listing optimization and SEO to increase product ranking on Daraz

Web Extension

Jarvis Chrome Extension is best to analyze product and niche potential right on Daraz website

Profit Calculator

Daraz profit calculator by Jarvis helps you caluclate commissions, launch budget and your net profit in a few clicks.

Daraz Virtual Assistant

A must have tool for
Daraz Virtual Assistants

If you are planning to work as a profession Daraz Virtual Assistant, this is a dream tool for you to have. Jarvis helps you to hunt, track and rank winning products for investors and clients. You can also flip the winning products to other clients.

computer screen with jarvis.pk dashboard

Product Features

Sales & Revenue

Track estimated daily sales and revenue of Daraz products

Listing Age

Get estimated age of a listing to evaluate maturity and review velocity

Seller Info

Get seller info and rating. Also track FBD and DM products

Profit Calculator

Quickly calculate Daraz commissions, cost and profit

Jarvis Product Database


Check product listing quality with Listing Quality Score

Reviews and Questions

Track reviews and questions to analyze demand

Product History

Track sales and other attributes like price over time for performance evaluation


Analyze the main keywords in your listing and improve ranking

Daraz Product Hunting

Hunt Winning Products with
Jarvis Chrome Extension

Jarvis helps you analyze product potential while you browse on Daraz. You can see all details of single or multiple products.
Jarvis lets you quickly calculate Commissions, Profit, Launch Budget and ROI of a product. Jarvis also calculate the giveaways and bleeding cost required to rank your product on Daraz.

Jarvis Chrome Extension Shows single product stats including stock, age and sales
Jarvis Chrome Extension shows stats of all products in search results

Daraz Product Tracking

Get Tracking Data Instantly with
Jarvis Product Tracker

You can now track products with Jarvis and save weeks of manual effort on sheets. Jarvis gives you a detailed history of product tracking data including price, reviews, questions and inventory. This helps customers to analyze steady performance of a product and only then you can evaluate true potential and performance of a product.

Jarvis Product Tracker provides product tracking data and complete history of a product and its variations

Daraz Product Ranking

Rank your products on Daraz
Jarvis Super Rank

Rank your product on Daraz with very less giveaways using Jarvis Super Rank campaigns. You can rank on multiple keywords of your choice. Get real time stats and analytics of traffic to your listing, which keywords doing great for your ranking and watch your listing grabbing page 1 position.

Jarvis Chrome Extension Shows single product stats including stock, age and sales

Daraz Keyword Research

SEO optimization and product discoverability with
Jarvis Keyword Research

Check trending keywords and see all stats against those keywords from Daraz. This helps you analyze proper keywords for your listing optimization and SEO.
Choose right keywords to increase the visibility of your product in Daraz searches. Check keywords trend from past to analyze the demand pattern and see if product is seasonl or is in demand in near future

Jarvis Product Tracker provides product tracking data and complete history of a product and its variations
Jarvis Product Tracker provides product tracking data and complete history of a product and its variations

Jarvis Pricing

Fast-Track your success on Daraz

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(For Individuals)

  •   Account Sharing
  •   20 Product Groups
  •   200 Products Tracking
  •   4 Super Rank Campaigns
  •   300 Extension Launches
  •   400 Product Database Searches
  •   15 Days Product History and Stats
  •   Email Support
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(For Virtual Assistants and Professionals)

  •   Account Sharing
  •   40 Product Groups
  •   900 Products Tracking
  •   10 Super Rank Campaigns
  •   750 Extension Launches
  •   900 Product Database Searches
  •   30 Days Product History and Stats
  •   Priority Support
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(For Business & Teams)

  •   Account Sharing
  •   90 Product Groups
  •   1500 Products Tracking
  •   30 Super Rank Campaigns
  •   6000 Extension Launches
  •   3500 Database Searches
  •   60 Days Product History and Stats
  •   24/7 Support
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25% Discount for Students

Are you a student with limited budget? Don't worry, we get you covered. Jarvis offers 25% discount on all subscription plans for students. Send your details with active student ID to our support team at support@jarvis.pk to get your discount.